The Human Rights Foundation draws upon some of the most respected and experienced human rights academics and practitioners in the region and beyond.

Their pro-bono contribution makes the work of the Human Rights Foundation possible. Their involvement is an affirmation of the value they see in HRF's work in building skills and knowledge in others, and of their commitment to empowering those who are doing the often difficult work of defending and promoting human rights in their societies.

HRF is profoundly grateful to all those who contribute to its programs for their generosity in sharing their knowledge and experience.

Our cooperation with partner organizations is a matter of rigorous inspection and permanent site visits. Each partner is carefully researched by our team, and partnership decisions are made by committee consensus following strict guidelines. Once partnerships are formalized, regular contact and reporting is maintained throughout the project cycle. HRF Board and/or staff directly monitor the project on-site, ensuring funds are used efficiently and effectively.

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